One of the important lines of protection of your home is the door. You can increase the level of security not only by installing an additional lock, but also by the design of the door and its attachment in the opening, material, and so on.

Don’t forget that a criminal can get into an apartment even when someone is at home. Therefore, always use a door chain that allows it to open only partially.

This precaution should become a habit. It is important to take care of the reliable fastening of such a chain, the otherwise-a sharp kick can eliminate this obstacle.

The door must be made of a durable material with a thickness of at least 7 cm. The main material of the door (metal) can be masked with wood, plastic, leatherette, etc. The ideal option is a double door. The first is made of wood, the second of metal;

The door frame must be thoroughly reinforced with metal pins concreted in the walls, ceiling, and floor;

The door must open outwards because this design eliminates the possibility of knocking the door out;

Gaps between the door and the door frame, the floor should be absent, so as not to allow the offender to insert a crowbar or axis into the gap;

The door must be equipped with at least two reliable locks of different designs (for example, one cylinder, and the other — suvaldny). They must be at least 35-40 cm apart from each other;

Locks must be equipped with mechanisms of high secrecy and strength, for example, with cross keys or with a digital set. It is advisable to purchase a lock with a device to protect the keyhole from foreign objects. It will be very offensive when a reliable lock and expensive door will be disabled by intruders by hammering into the keyhole: matches, nails or paper clips;

It is desirable that the locking device of the external door does not have a keyhole (for example, an electronic lock with remote code control and an Autonomous power supply system). This is due to the fact that some criminals inject acid through the well, which corrodes the device of the mechanical lock;

The door should be equipped with an armored peephole, preferably a video peephole, so that you can see visitors without opening the door.

This door in combination with a security alarm system will be reliable protection of your property!