Windows are the most vulnerable part of any room. Window glass can be broken, squeezed out, cut, etc.


  • High-strength frames should be installed on Windows in residential areas. If the Windows open, the locking devices must be reliable.
  • Windows of the first, second, and last floors, glazed doors of balconies and loggias, Windows located next to the fire escape, with trees, with pipes, with the roof of adjacent buildings, should be covered with bars. To make the house look like a prison, you can order unusual-shaped grilles made by artistic forging.
  • It is advisable to use a protective film glued to the glass. The film will hold the cracked glass in the frame and prevent splinters from flying, and thus will not be able to damage anyone.
  • Additionally, the glass covered with a film will not allow you to enter the room from the outside.Every window that can be viewed from the street, the windows of the building opposite must be closed from the inside with curtains, blinds, etc. This may prevent an attacker from collecting information about the condition inside the room to some extent.
  • Balconies, regardless of the floor, should be protected by decorative bars. The ideal option is when they will be turned into glazed loggias, the glass of which will be covered with a protective film. The service life of such films is about 10 years.