Is it possible to deduce any pattern of actions of robbers or to provide hours of penetration into the apartment? In general, there is no exact time. Here are just a few examples:

  • There are morning thefts. Attackers break into the apartment at 4-5 am and snore the owners take out everything they need. They also prefer to work under cover of night to hide their illegal actions. Some go on a theft in the afternoon, when it is already known that the owners will not return home suddenly.
  • Another question is how the robbers get into the apartment. Mainly through the door, by the method of so-called “key selection” (using similar keys or keys). Given that many locks are typical, open them for a good thief is not a problem. If the lock is difficult to open, they can simply break the door.
  • If it is difficult to get through the door, can use windows and balconies, do not forget about the “windows”. Recently, there are more and more “climbers” who use special equipment to descend from the roofs of houses to completely unprotected balconies. In general, to achieve their goals, robbers do not stop at anything and show impressive intelligence.