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Cargo escort

Today, modern realities are such that it is impossible to transport a valuable cargo without great attention of the kidnappers. You need to understand that now a technological breakthrough has reached a high level of development and it is not difficult to find out what you will be taking and where.
Therefore, an important step in safe transportation is the presence of accompanying security. She will help repel the attack and eliminate the danger.

Cargo escort
  • Penetration protection
    Penetration protection
  • Attack defense
    Attack defense
  • Departure Response Team
    Departure Response Team

Cargo escort

Cargo transportation with hired security guards from A1 Security Group:

  • Agreement with the company on cooperation. The main tasks set by
    the client. Find out the value of the cargo, the duration of the trip. Sending points and
    arrival. Number of escort groups.
  • Audit. Discussion of critical possible situations in which the cargo will be
    in danger. Attack topics are discussed. The exact route is determined.
    The most dangerous points on the route, ambushes, etc. are identified.
  • Escort groups. They are trained and experienced fighters. They clearly know their
    work, follow the directions exactly. All this guarantees consistency in the work on
    elimination of threats. The cargo will arrive on time and without loss. In addition, material bonuses
    contribute to the zeal of security guards to protect the cargo. A1 Security Group bears the material
    responsibility when accompanying.


7Reasons to contact A1

Installed and serviced more than 12 thousand security systems

Guarded by the National Bank of Ukraine

Arrival of a quick response team in minutes.

Our team consists of 500 people working quickly and efficiently.

Warranty and post-warranty service.

18 years of experience (we have been working since 2002)

We possess all types of necessary licenses confirming the legitimate activities of the company.

In order for your cargo to reach its destination in integrity, A1 Security Group:

  • Engages only experienced employees with the necessary experience.
  • Provides services at attractive prices, regardless of the value of the cargo.
  • Provides fully equipped armed guards with martial arts skills.
  • Ensures complete confidentiality of arrival location, content and names.
  • Bears financial responsibility for the protected cargo.

A1 Security Group will employ the required number of security guards to ensure the integrity of the transported cargo. Everything is individual for each client.

GPS-signal monitoring of the location of the cargo by the company’s operators helps to always keep the transportation under full control. If an emergency occurs, an attack, the guards have an alarm button that helps to call for help, or report to the nearest police posts. When escorting the cargo, resting places for the convoy, checked refueling points, etc. are determined in advance. A1 Security Group has many years of experience in this area and can guarantee timely cargo protection.


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