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Remote security

A1 Security Group provides remote control in Kiev and Kiev region. You will receive a fully finished turnkey project, from design and obtaining permits, to monitoring and maintenance of systems. Order the service right now!

Remote security
  • Penetration protection
    Penetration protection
  • Attack defense
    Attack defense
  • Departure Response Team
    Departure Response Team

Remote security

Remote security involves connecting wired or wireless equipment to a Central monitoring console.

How the system works:

  • Technical equipment installed at the facility sends an alarm signal when unauthorized entry into the protected area or when fire or smoke sensors are triggered.
  • A message is sent over a dedicated communication channel. The signal passes through a network of repeaters. There are duplicate GPRS, GSM and Internet channels.
  • The received call is processed by the hardware and software system and displays all information about the object on the monitor of the attendant. Then the person on duty directs the response team to the address and passes the notification to the owner or a trusted person.
  • Response teams stay at the specified address for 5 minutes.
  • The Central station is constantly monitored by the duty officer until the issue is fully resolved.

It is this clear algorithm of actions that leads to positive results. The teamwork of the A1 Security Group team is a success in solving the problems that have arisen!

The use of remote control protection in our time is a necessity. The situation in the world is getting worse and people are ready to encroach on your property and housing more and more. Also, classic measures such as armored doors or high-precision locks do not provide full protection. Burglar alarms work better.

The A1 Security Group team wishes you success and prosperity.



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Warranty and post-warranty service.

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Remote security

Пультовая охрана Remote security — a set of measures aimed at protecting objects from penetration, attack, fire and industrial accidents (water, gas, etc.) with the help of technical means of protection, with the departure of a rapid response team to the scene.Пультовая охрана Remote security is designed to protect against:

  • unauthorized access to a protected object,
  • robberies on residents or staff-panic button,
  • fire, household gas leaks, water leaks, etc.

How does the remote security:If an emergency situation occurs at the facility, the security alarm system transmits an alarm signal via the radio channel to the PCO. The operator of the remote control examines in detail the information about what happened and sends a Rapid Response Team to Your address. In addition to alarm messages, our PTS constantly receives information about the performance of all elements of security equipment at the facility, which allows us to quickly identify and eliminate any malfunctions.

In the company ” A1 Security Group» signals from protected objects are transmitted via a radio channel, telephone line, GPRS (GSM), or simultaneously through all channels, which indicates the high reliability of remote security. The priority channel is a radio channel (encoded) with its own network of repeaters and frequencies.Security alarm system Kуiv (Security systems)Security alarm system from the company “A1 Security Group” is Your confidence in the safety of your property and reliable protection of your home from unauthorized intrusions into your home, even in Your absence. To achieve high results in such areas as the protection of apartments, houses, offices and industrial facilities, we managed to follow the standards based on world achievements and innovations. Installing a security alarm is not a luxury, but a necessityю. Protection of property in our modern world is simply necessary, given the fact that the number of thefts is constantly increasing. The approach to the choice of security systems should be thorough and thoughtful. You should only contact reliable companies that have established themselves as partners that you can rely on. A1 Security Group is such a company, its capabilities in protecting Your home, apartment or office are practically unlimited.Remote security KievIn the modern rhythm of life, remote security in Kiev is a complex set of security measures. It is worth noting that the security company “A1 Security Group” provides not only a standard set of services, but also offers additional functions to protect Your property, namely:

  • Gas leak or water leak notification services;
  • SMS notification of any emergency situations, as well as full service.

All these additional options for a small fee will provide you with maximum peace of mind and provide even more comfort. And thanks to specialized service, the security of an apartment, house or office will work smoothly and for as long as possible. Alarm system from the company “A1 Security Group” is not a luxury, but a necessity that will protect You from home invasion and theft of your property.


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