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Remote security

A1 Security Group provides remote control in Kiev and Kiev region. You will receive a fully finished turnkey project, from design and obtaining permits, to monitoring and maintenance of systems. Order the service right now!


    Console security

    • round-the-clock monitoring and response of specialized groups;
    • the cost of the console security of a private house from 399 UAH;
    • additional service “Panic button” +100 UAH

    The cost of equipment and installation

    from 4000 UAH

    Subscription fee:

    from 299 UAH monthly

    Equipment rent

    from 99 UAH monthly

    • an advantageous offer to rent the Ajax Starter Kit;
    • smart control panel Ajax Hub;
    • wireless door sensor and motion sensor;
    • keychain to control the Ajax SpaceControl system

    * subject to security service activation

    Mounting: fee:

    1499 UAH

    Year of protection

    • Stay # calm for a whole year.
    • Apply for a console security service from A1 Security Group for 12 months and get one month of service as a gift

    Subscription fee:

    3299 UAH per year
7Reasons to contact A1

Installed and serviced more than 12 thousand security systems

Guarded by the National Bank of Ukraine

Arrival of a quick response team in minutes.

Our team consists of 500 people working quickly and efficiently.

Warranty and post-warranty service.

18 years of experience (we have been working since 2002)

We possess all types of necessary licenses confirming the legitimate activities of the company.

Remote security
  • Penetration protection
    Penetration protection
  • Attack defense
    Attack defense
  • Departure Response Team
    Departure Response Team

Remote security

Remote security involves connecting wired or wireless equipment to a Central monitoring console.

How the system works:

  • Technical equipment installed at the facility sends an alarm signal when unauthorized entry into the protected area or when fire or smoke sensors are triggered.
  • A message is sent over a dedicated communication channel. The signal passes through a network of repeaters. There are duplicate GPRS, GSM and Internet channels.
  • The received call is processed by the hardware and software system and displays all information about the object on the monitor of the attendant. Then the person on duty directs the response team to the address and passes the notification to the owner or a trusted person.
  • Response teams stay at the specified address for 5 minutes.
  • The Central station is constantly monitored by the duty officer until the issue is fully resolved.

It is this clear algorithm of actions that leads to positive results. The teamwork of the A1 Security Group team is a success in solving the problems that have arisen!

The use of remote control protection in our time is a necessity. The situation in the world is getting worse and people are ready to encroach on your property and housing more and more. Also, classic measures such as armored doors or high-precision locks do not provide full protection. Burglar alarms work better.

The A1 Security Group team wishes you success and prosperity.

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What is included in the console security service

The organization of complex measures in order to use technological equipment to protect an object from attack, unauthorized entry, fire and emergencies (gas, water leakage) is called console security. Sensors and other security equipment will allow you to control the situation and organize a quick departure of the response team in the event of an emergency.

It is necessary to install a control panel in order to protect property from damage, and people from robbery by third parties. In addition to various control sensors, an alarm button is installed at the guarded facility to urgently alert the guards about a dangerous situation.

When an emergency occurs at the facility, an alarm signal is sent to the dispatching console via the notification channel. The operator, having studied the information about the incident, immediately sends a rapid response team to this address. The arrived specialists eliminate the problem.

In addition to quickly responding to emergency situations, A1 Security Group monitors the performance of stationary devices located at the facility. This allows you to maintain all elements of security equipment in working order and timely troubleshoot.

For the transmission of signaling information, the priority is given to the radio channel transmitting the encoded signals. Internet, telephone lines and other types of communication can also be used. The signal can be transmitted only through one or several channels at once. Thanks to this, the control panel security of apartments, offices and the security of enterprises becomes as reliable as possible.

Do you need confidence that your private house, warehouse or store is protected from penetration of unauthorized persons, and people will not suffer from a robbery? The security system from A1 Security Group guarantees you this. Our company has achieved significant success in the control room security of residential and industrial facilities through the use of technological standards and innovative technologies.

Now it is necessary to buy a console security for those who seek to protect themselves and their property. Choosing a security system must be thoughtful, referring to the services of companies with a good reputation. One of them is A1 Security Group. Our possibilities in the protection of various objects are practically limitless.

We are ready to provide a standard package of security services or expand it with additional options. The cost of the extended set will be slightly higher, but the client will receive an SMS notification about gas, water leaks and other emergency situations, as well as service maintenance of all installed devices. The price for services that you have to pay every month will increase slightly, but you will have confidence in the complete safety of your home or business.

The burglar alarm system will work smoothly for many years, providing a level of security. How much a console security project costs depends on the size and other features of the facility. Our company regularly holds promotions, and customers always have the opportunity to save a little on the purchase and installation of equipment.


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