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Physical security facilities

A1 Security Group company promptly organizes the protection of an object of any complexity. The object’s purpose, location, and distance from the locality does not matter.




    12-hour security post

    Subscription fee:

    from 23 999 UAH/month

    Shift method


    Round-the-clock security of the facility on a rotational basis

    Subscription fee:

    from 28 699 UAH/month

    24 hour post


    Security post, fighters are active 24/7, work according to the schedule 1/3

    Subscription fee:

    from 35 599 UAH/month
7Reasons to contact A1

Installed and serviced more than 12 thousand security systems

Guarded by the National Bank of Ukraine

Arrival of a quick response team in minutes.

Our team consists of 500 people working quickly and efficiently.

Warranty and post-warranty service.

18 years of experience (we have been working since 2002)

We possess all types of necessary licenses confirming the legitimate activities of the company.

Physical security facilities
  • Penetration protection
    Penetration protection
  • Attack defense
    Attack defense
  • Departure Response Team
    Departure Response Team

Physical security facilities

A1 Security Group company quickly organizes the protection of an object of any complexity. It does not matter the purpose of the object, its location and distance from the village.

Each of our employees has clear action algorithms for a specific object, which helps to safeguard and protect the integrity of the object with a maximum percentage of success. All guards are well trained. They have physical and emotional health and are ready for feats.

A1 Security Group protects:

  • Residential private property
  • Bank branches
  • Gas stations and stations
  • Offices and business centers
  • Shopping and entertainment centers
  • Production facilities
  • Warehouse and logistics complexes
  • Athletic facilities

Our experts constantly monitor the latest innovations and trends in the development of security systems. We introduce them one of the first.

The standard advantages received by the client from cooperation with us are complemented by an increase in image and status due to the culture of communication between our employees and their impeccable appearance.

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Our proposals for the protection of objects

Security company A1 Security Group offers you a wide range of security services for buildings and premises of any scale, layout and complexity. We are ready to take care of such objects:

  • small – standard apartments, small office premises, street outlets and other establishments up to 100 m2;
  • medium – large apartments, private houses with an adjoining territory, production, administrative and warehouse premises of different companies with a total size of up to 500 m2;
  • large – with an area of ​​500-4000 m2, for example, large warehouses and parking lots, enterprises with about 400 employees;
  • especially large – more than 4000 m2, including concerns and joint-stock enterprises, industrial facilities, bases.

Even the security of the National Bank is entrusted to us, which is the best confirmation of the high class of security services of A1 Security Group. As professionals in our field, for your safety, we always try to foresee the maximum possible force majeure situations and work out ways to respond to them.

We provide our clients with the following security services:

  • physical security of objects, which implies the presence of our employee on the territory under the conditions specified in the contract, to perform security actions;
  • protection of premises for business, private house or apartment;
  • escort of goods by armed guards;
  • security of events – concerts, exhibitions, conferences, etc .;
  • installation, replacement or modernization of video surveillance systems, security and fire alarm systems with the provision of modern equipment at an acceptable cost, warranty and
  • post-warranty service;
  • control panel protection of turnkey facilities – from design to maintenance of an operating security system;
  • organization and maintenance of the checkpoint at the facility.

Additionally, the customer can, at will, choose the appropriate mode of security service and the composition of the staff who will carry it, including:

  • permanent staff around the clock;
  • round-the-clock with additional amplification for the daytime or at night;
  • the mode of performing security functions only during the day or at night.

The best option is round-the-clock security of the facilities by our experienced staff, which will prevent emergencies.

Benefits of cooperation with our company:

  • drawing up an individual plan of security measures for each object, taking into account its characteristics and the wishes of the client;
  • security of the premises is carried out using the latest video surveillance and alarm systems;
  • maximum safety of any property entrusted to us and all available material values;
  • introduction of access control with strict control for the personnel of the protected organization or other categories of visitors;
  • a modern approach to organizing activities and a streamlined personnel selection system;
  • high quality services at reasonable prices.

These tasks are of paramount importance to us, and for their effective implementation, we carefully prepare, including a visit to the site for a preliminary inspection.

Our company maintains close cooperation with government services, which allows us to always take a leadership position in the implementation of innovative ideas and developments in security activities related to technical issues and equipment. Use our services – you will be convinced of the professionalism of our specialists and you will forget about worrying about your property!

You can order the protection of the object by phone or using the feedback form on the website.


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