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Event Security

Any event is intended for a large number of people. More than a thousand are gathered more often. Naturally, such a congestion contributes to conflicts and tense situations

The protection of such events helps not to spoil the impression and to avoid victims. The presence of physical security in the territory where the concert, exhibition, festival is helping to eliminate the threat of disruption.

If you want to calmly hold any event, then order security at A1 Security Group. We are professionals!


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Event Security
  • Penetration protection
    Penetration protection
  • Attack defense
    Attack defense
  • Departure Response Team
    Departure Response Team

Event Security

Before the start of the holiday, it is worthwhile to develop a strategy for an emergency:

  • Individual hike

An individual security scheme is being developed that is applicable to a specific case or territory. The specifics of the event and the location of sites across the territory are taken into account.

  • Additional functionality

The guards are asked to check tickets, monitor the behavior of people entering the event. Organization of a black-list access system for the presence of dangerous items and uninvited persons.

  • Inspection Equipment

Checking the operability of equipment for its suitability for use. Also check if there are bare wires, etc.

  • Audit

Checking the site, identifying strengths and weaknesses, considering measures to strengthen them.

The whole complex of measures described above ensures high reliability of protection and reduces the level of emergency situations and force majeure to a minimum. If they arose, their quick elimination will occur.

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How to avoid dangerous situations

The safety of public events depends on the competence of a private security firm. Before the start of the holiday, on the basis of the information received from the customer and the study of the situation on the spot, we assess the risks of a threat, build a security strategy. The organizer must first of all provide the following information:

  • type of event;
  • the place where it is planned to be held;
  • number of guests;
  • duration.

After that, we carry out an examination of the premises and assess the risks. Risks are divided into internal and external.


  • features of the architecture and layout of the building (open areas on the upper floors, balconies, “blind” zones of the video surveillance system, office premises, living rooms, if any in the building);
  • lack of fences preventing penetration from the outside.


  • excesses on the part of the participants (fights, conflicts in a state of alcoholic and drug intoxication, the appearance of weapons and prohibited items);
  • force majeure situations.

Protection of public events can take place according to different strategies, depending on the type:

  1. Cultural. The detailed security plan is taken into account when drawing up the regulations. Concert security implies a thorough check of equipment, as well as work with the public. Upon completion, the territory is checked, forgotten things are described and handed over to the organizers.
  2. Sports. Given the diversity of the public, special legislative norms have been developed to ensure the protection of such events. A few guard posts are not enough to ensure order. The presence of ambulance teams, emergency response services is required. Measures are specially developed to identify drugs, weapons, and alcohol control.
  3. Presentations, receptions, business meetings. In addition to standard measures, special attention is paid to preventing illegal filming, copying of materials, audio recording.
  4. Weddings, corporate parties, banquets. The security is carried out by polite and representative employees. Dress code must match the dress code of the event. Full technical support: video surveillance, alarm. The main attention is paid to preventing fights, the appearance of uninvited persons, security threats.
  5. Commercial events (fairs, tastings, trade shows). The main measures are aimed at preventing theft and damage to equipment, control of removal, tracking offenders, monitoring using a video surveillance system.

When choosing a company to accompany you, you should pay attention to the training of employees. Our guards:

  • withstand tough hiring competition;
  • maximally effective thanks to a well-thought-out motivation system;
  • are selected into the team for each event in accordance with the qualities that are necessary for the successful completion of a specific task;
  • undergo individual instruction, depending on the wishes of the customer and the characteristics of the protected object;
  • constantly keep fit, undergo medical examinations and retraining.

With A1 Security Group, event security is in good hands. Call our office to find out prices and order services.


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