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Physical security

The A1 Security Group physical security service provides comprehensive security of facilities located in Kуiv and in the Kуiv region. The key point is the joint use of physical posts and technical security equipment at the sites, which are used to increase efficiency and improve security.




    12-hour security post

    Subscription fee:

    from 23 999 UAH/month

    Shift method


    Round-the-clock security of the facility on a rotational basis

    Subscription fee:

    from 28 699 UAH/month

    24 hour post


    Security post, fighters are active 24/7, work according to the schedule 1/3

    Subscription fee:

    from 35 599 UAH/month
7Reasons to contact A1

Installed and serviced more than 12 thousand security systems

Guarded by the National Bank of Ukraine

Arrival of a quick response team in minutes.

Our team consists of 500 people working quickly and efficiently.

Warranty and post-warranty service.

18 years of experience (we have been working since 2002)

We possess all types of necessary licenses confirming the legitimate activities of the company.

Physical security
  • Penetration protection
    Penetration protection
  • Attack defense
    Attack defense
  • Departure Response Team
    Departure Response Team

Physical security

Physical protection of objects is one of the main directions of A1 Security Group. We promptly organize the protection of various stationary objects of any complexity and direction.

Our specialists closely monitor new trends in the world of security business. This helps us improve as a security service provider and improve our business.

A1 Security Group pays special attention to training personnel for physical security. After all, Your safety and integrity of your property depends on them. Men from the response teams are constantly trained in the skills of intercepting intruders in various situations. They improve the combat abilities of hand-to-hand combat. Constant physical activity keeps them in shape.

Since robbers are different people, the moral and emotional preparation is also at a height.

The guys also get the award for the promptness, bravery, and heroic feats. This additional incentive plays an important role.


When starting the security process for a new object, a representative of each Department is present. This helps to group a team of people who will be directly involved in the protection, maintenance, installation of a specific object. Together, this gives the client advantages, since various issues are resolved very quickly in the course of cooperation.

Constant quality checks and evaluations from existing customers help us get an objective assessment of our actions and service.

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The main functions of physical security:

  • preventing unauthorized access to a protected object;
  • protection of material assets (products, equipment, buildings and structures of the enterprise);
  • suppression of unauthorized removal/export of material values and documents;
  • control mode (employees, visitors, vehicles)
  • patrolling a protected area;
  • prevention of illegal actions against the protected object and its employees;
  • maintaining public order.

физическая охрана

The physical security service of our company includes the following divisions:

  • stationary units that perform round-the-clock duty at protected sites;
  • mobile Rapid Response Teams in patrol cars;
  • the remote centralized protection;
  • division of the operational duty unit (internal control).

Employees are equipped with special protective equipment, radio stations and are prepared to act in extreme situations. To minimize the response time to an alarm, the GBR is dispersed taking into account the number of protected objects in the area of responsibility and the intensity of traffic. Each GBR has detailed characteristics of the fortification and protection of the protected object, with a description of the routes of extension and features of the entrance in case of an alarm. Additionally, each GBR is equipped with a GPS navigation system. Each district is assigned an additional group, which guarantees the high quality of services provided by our company and effective protection of Your well-being. We cooperate with law enforcement agencies and other security companies. Control over the actions of physical security personnel, as well as interaction with law enforcement agencies is carried out through the Duty Station, which works 24 hours a day. Employees of the duty station, if necessary, practically participate in the organization of security. All security personnel are equipped with uniforms previously agreed with the Customer, radio communications and personal protection equipment.


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