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Access control system (ACS)

Access control and management system: ACS – is used to control access to premises and record working hours.
A1 Security Group uses modern high-precision equipment, and can also provide installation, configuration and after-sales services by our specialists.

We provide consultations on the use of access control systems. If it already exists, we will give recommendations on how to use the system to the maximum. There is the possibility of using biometric equipment (fingerprints) for a higher security ability.


    Console security

    • round-the-clock monitoring and response of specialized groups;
    • the cost of the console security of a private house from 399 UAH;
    • additional service “Panic button” +100 UAH

    The cost of equipment and installation

    from 4000 UAH

    Subscription fee:

    from 299 UAH monthly

    Equipment rent

    from 99 UAH monthly

    • an advantageous offer to rent the Ajax Starter Kit;
    • smart control panel Ajax Hub;
    • wireless door sensor and motion sensor;
    • keychain to control the Ajax SpaceControl system

    * subject to security service activation

    Mounting: fee:

    1499 UAH

    Year of protection

    • Stay # calm for a whole year.
    • Apply for a console security service from A1 Security Group for 12 months and get one month of service as a gift

    Subscription fee:

    3299 UAH per year
7Reasons to contact A1

Installed and serviced more than 12 thousand security systems

Guarded by the National Bank of Ukraine

Arrival of a quick response team in minutes.

Our team consists of 500 people working quickly and efficiently.

Warranty and post-warranty service.

18 years of experience (we have been working since 2002)

We possess all types of necessary licenses confirming the legitimate activities of the company.

Basic set of equipment

Basic set of equipment

Biometric terminal

Used to control and manage access by fingerprint / face / access code / card. It also performs the function of accounting for staff time. Installing at the entrance to the room.

Power Supply

It is used to supply energy to the elements of ACS.

Cards / Keychains

Used as an access key. Each card / keychain is assigned a unique code, the reader identifies the code and opens the door.

Exit button

Installed on the inside, used for easy exit.

Electromagnetic lock

It is installed on the door, holds the door in the closed position, opens upon a signal from the terminal / reader.

Door closer

Mounted on the door, gently closes the door.


It is installed near the door. Accepts card / keychain code, opens the door.

A1 employees will design, select, install and service a turnkey access control system at any level. Modern ACSs can perform many tasks, ranging from a standard card pass, ending with face recognition, fingerprints, remote temperature measurement. Integrated systems are installed to control access in elevators, rooms, buildings, offices, etc. If you want to get a turnkey solution to your problems, just leave a request or call one of the company numbers.


1499 UAH

Installation cost

from 999 UAH



Subscription fee:

from 299 UAH/month


1499 UAH
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  • Penetration protection
  • System installation and maintenance
  • Control and management of access to the premises
  • Time tracking
  • 24 hour monitoring
  • Penetration protection

  • System installation

  • System installation

  • Departure Response Team

  • 24 hour monitoring

  • Penetration protection

  • System installation

  • System installation

  • Departure Response Team

  • 24 hour monitoring

  • Penetration protection

  • System installation

  • System installation

  • Departure Response Team

  • 24 hour monitoring

Order ACS
  • Penetration protection
  • Attack defense
  • Departure Response Team

Order ACS

Security access control systems consist of a set of technical devices. ACS operation principle:

  • Reading information from an electronic key (trinkets, cards, remotes)
  • Controller information processing
  • Opening or closing of enclosing devices (doors, barriers, automatic doors, turnstiles, etc.)
  • Verification by sensors of the fact of passage through the enclosing devices.

ACS performs many diverse tasks, in addition to protection:

  • Employee time tracking
  • Integration into the accounting system for payroll (saves time and improves accuracy)

Contact and connect ACS today!


ACS – access control system

ACS – what is it and what does it eat with? To simplify, ACS is an integrated technical equipment that restricts access to a guarded object.

What is included?

Controller. This is a powerful computer that is able to independently determine the number of visitors using special identifiers.

Card reader This device is responsible for reading information from a plastic card, as well as for transmitting information to the controller.

Electromagnetic lock. Its task is to lock the door (before opening the door, the lock must “get permission” from the controller).

The device for emergency door unlocking – this device cannot be dispensed with when an emergency occurs.

Closer – this mini-device gently and smoothly closes the door with an electromagnetic lock.

Exit button – is necessary in order to open the door from the inside without using an identification card.

How to install ACS? Phased actions

Stage 1. Write to us or call 0 800 500 090

Stage 2. Expect the arrival of a specialist (no fee will be charged for this).

Stage 3. Before installing the equipment, the object should be thoroughly examined.

Stage 4. After that, an estimate and a clear work plan will be drawn up.

Stage 5. Actually, installation. On average, this work does not take more than a day.

Stage 6. The penultimate stage involves training specialists in using the installed system.

Step 7. You can be sure that after installing the equipment you will receive a guarantee for all equipment. Post warranty service is also provided.

Are you interested in installing ACS in Kiev? Contact us. Quality service and reasonable prices are guaranteed.


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