Fire alarm: how to choose and install. Installation and operation features.

Fire alarms have become an integral part of any room. Unfortunately, statistics show an increase in fires over the past few years. Then an alarm comes to the rescue, which warns us of the danger and allows us to save property.
However it is necessary to remember that the fire alarm system has the features, both at installation, and in operation. It is important to follow all the rules so that the system works well and properly.

We will tell you about several stages of planning and installation of fire alarms in your room.
Taking into account all the features of the roomBefore installing a fire alarm, it is important to consider all the features of the room. The project is created by professionals to choose the right type of device, fire modules and calculate the budget.

System selection

If it is a small apartment with a small area, then a good option for installation would be an unaddressed fire alarm. If the room has many rooms or a large area, experts recommend paying attention to targeted fire alarm systems.
The most popular type of fire alarm for installation in a residential area has recently become an analog address system.

Fire sensors

Currently, there are a large number of types of fire sensors. They are chosen based on the design of the room and its type. We will tell you about each of them so that you better understand which ones to choose.

Temperature sensor

The device responds to temperature fluctuations in the room, the sensor will start beeping at readings exceeding 55 degrees Celsius.
However, when installing such a sensor, it is important to keep in mind that during a fire the air temperature does not rise immediately.

Smoke sensor

During a fire, the smoke scatters or completely absorbs the sensor light. A special photodetector responds to this and gives a signal. That is why the fire alarm starts beeping.

Flame sensor

This type of sensor is suitable for large rooms. It is rarely used for fire safety of apartments. It responds to the fire by directly recording the location of the outbreak.

Where and how best to install a fire alarm?

At the design stage of the room it is important to consider the location of fire sensors. Be sure to install them in places where there is a high risk of fire – for example, in the kitchen, and in other places where there are devices that can catch fire.
All control and management devices of the system must be placed on surfaces made of non-combustible materials or these surfaces are pre-coated with a special sheet steel, the thickness of which exceeds 1 millimeter.
The room itself should have an area of ​​more than 15 square meters, as well as certain humidity and temperature.

Take care and do not neglect fire safety.

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