In addition to intruders, the apartment in the absence of the owners can fall quite unexpectedly in trouble. For example, the faucet in the kitchen or bathroom was blown off. The consequences of such an accident are well known to everyone. It should be said that the protection of apartments is a set of measures to protect against various kinds of troubles and can in this case reduce the damage to a minimum.

The system sends a signal about what happened in a timely and accurate manner. When the status monitoring sensor is activated, the remote object guard receives the corresponding signal. Many such sensors can be installed. One of them reacts to water or gas leaks. The other is for the appearance of fire and smoke. The next one will signal that the window glass has broken. Each of the signals will be followed by a corresponding response from the operator. The fire service will be called to extinguish the fire. In that case, when you need to eliminate a burst of water pipes, the signal will be received by the duty dispatcher of a housing office or water utility.

It should be noted that remote security is considered one of the most popular systems. This is Because the effectiveness of its application is quite high and time-tested. The list of sensors and peripherals is growing, and their quality is improving. When building new homes and residential complexes, security systems are mandatory. Without an intercom on the entrance door, without a video camera on the landing and without a metal door at the entrance to the apartment, it is simply not reasonable to live today.