A home is not just a place where you live and store things. A real home is a comfort, peace, and security, a small world in which all that is dear to you is collected. Therefore, it is so necessary to be sure that this world is not in danger, even when you are not around. Protecting your borders is one of the oldest instincts inherited by man.

There are many ways to ensure the safety of your home, especially with the help of modern technology. It is customary to distinguish several types of security systems with different functionality and capabilities.

The first and simplest one is engineering and technical. In fact, it includes everything that can physically prevent an attacker from entering your territory. This can be fences and fences, armored and reinforced doors and Windows, complex locks — in short, everything that makes your home an impregnable fortress.

Какие бывают охранные системы

The security system of video surveillance is familiar, perhaps, to everyone. Surveillance cameras are installed in most modern stores, and often in residential buildings or offices. Naturally, the presence of a recording device does not guarantee security, so this system is most effective in combination with, for example, the one described above.

охранные системы

The essence of the access control system is to restrict and regulate the flow of people in certain places and, if necessary, identify the identity of the incoming person. In other words, you can use it to control who has access to territories or premises and at what time. Parts of this system have long been part of everyday life — intercoms, code locks, checkpoints, turnstiles, and much more.

And finally, the security and alarm system that is especially popular in residential buildings and offices. Sensitive sensors are installed on the protected object, which is triggered if strangers enter the room.

Security and alarm systems use sensors that respond to light, sound, movement, vibration, heat, smoke, and opening doors and Windows. In order to “detect” the attacker as quickly as possible, several types of sensors are installed at once.

Infrared sensors react to movement in the area of their action and thus allow you to detect an intruder in the apartment. If there are pets in the house, the sensors are installed at the height of human growth.

Capacities and wire-wave sensors follow a similar principle: they create a field whose intersection triggers an alarm.

охранные системы

Radio-beam and radio-wave sensors also respond to movement, and acoustic sensors respond to sound (for example, broken glass). Magnetic contact sensors will detect the opening of a window, and if you try to break through a wall or knock out a door, vibration sensors will work.

At the moment of activation of the sensors, an alarm is activated in order to ”scare” the attacker. If you connect to the notification system, information about the event is immediately transmitted to the owner of the apartment and to the security company’s rapid response service.

Security systems can be wired or wireless. Wired OSS are traditionally considered more reliable, but with the development of technology, wireless security systems are becoming more popular. Each method has its own disadvantages and advantages and is selected depending on the characteristics of the protected object.

Advantages of wired security systems:

  • Relatively low cost
  • easy maintenance
  • scalability
  • power from the Central network and Autonomous sources

The main drawback of wired OSS is the presence of a cable, which complicates installation and makes the system more vulnerable since it is enough to cut it off.

Wireless OSS, on the contrary, are easy to install almost anywhere. This is especially convenient when organizing the protection of already equipped facilities since there is no need to hide the wire. Another significant difference is the power supply from an Autonomous source. Independence of the system from the power grid can be a plus — the system will work without electricity, and a minus-in the case of an unexpectedly dead battery. Given that modern batteries can last up to several years, this problem is less and less relevant.

This is why wireless technologies are widely used in the security industry today. An important part of modern OS is also a smartphone with 3G or 4G Internet — it is used as a remote control, replaces the monitor, and serves as a communication method. And with the development of facial recognition and fingerprint technologies, more and more smartphone models are solving the problem of identity identification in access control systems.

Moreover, any device with Internet access can track and control the operation of not only security mechanisms. This system is called “Smart home” and combines security and fire protection systems, monitors the state of the water and gas pipeline, and makes it possible to remotely manage them. For example, you can turn off the power to the room or stop the gas supply in case of an accident.

New systems also allow you to simulate «life» in the house in the absence of owners — and this concept of intellectual protection is gaining popularity.

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