The most reliable protection option is to install an alarm system. If Your home is under the supervision of a professional company, such as “A1 Security Group”, then the care of its security is in safe hands. No headache, worry, or extra hassle.

You enjoy your vacation, and your property is protected by specialists. Remote control operators will monitor the safety of doors and Windows 24 hours a day: in case of danger, the response will be instant.

In addition to protection from hacking, the security company will take care of eliminating other potentially dangerous situations – install fire safety sensors, flood sensors and other modern devices that guarantee the safety of Your property..

Как защитить свой дом от проникновения злоумышленников

If there is no security alarm in the house, and there is no time, money, or desire to install it, the situation becomes more complicated. But even in this case, you have the opportunity to increase the security of your home.

1.Install a security camera in your home. It works via the Internet: the device will instantly send a message to Your smartphone if the apartment’s motion sensor works. So if someone else enters the apartment, You will know about it immediately and take the necessary measures..

2. it is Best to Deposit your jewelry and money in a Bank, and hang a high-quality sticker on the door with the inscription: “The object is under protection.” This simple psychological trick works on thieves better than any barbed wire.

3.If it is not possible to use banking services, proceed as follows: Safely hide valuables and savings from thieves. Safes, books, cabinets, a refrigerator and a toilet tank – all these hiding places are familiar to intruders. Choose a non-standard place – such as a Laundry basket. Or hide the money in the cavities inside window sills, shelves, furniture. To prevent the destruction of the apartment, experienced people advise you to leave a certain amount in an obvious place. Having found such a “hiding place”, thieves will calm down and will not go through all the cabinets and pour out cans of loose food in the kitchen.

4. a good option is to create the illusion of presence in the house. You can install timers in the house on sockets, and two such devices are enough to turn the light on and off a couple of times a day. Ask your neighbors – if You have a good relationship of trust with them – to pull correspondence out of the mailbox. If you leave for a long time, leave the keys to relatives or close friends – let them check the condition of the apartment from time to time. Some leave led lamps on the windowsill in the house, but these options are only suitable for short-term absence – for 1-2 days. It is dangerous to leave electrical appliances on for longer..

5. Another way for property protection insurance. Today, insurance companies can insure any movable and immovable property for any period of time at a very affordable price. However, this will not save You from the fact of penetration or flooding, but it will allow you to compensate for the damage in monetary terms.

6.. And another tip is not to talk. This applies to conversations at work, on the street, and especially activity in social networks or online forums. You don’t have to notify everyone about your upcoming departure or publish information about it online. It is better to share your impressions with everyone after your arrival.

An apartment building has its own specific moments in terms of security. On the one hand, in contrast to the private one, it is more likely that the neighbors will notice something suspicious. On the other hand, there are new buildings where residents of the same entrance may not even know each other. In this case, it is easy for hackers to pretend to be employees of the service or just guests.

A1 Security Group your personal security assistant, a defender against theft and attacks. Even if you install the basic kit, you will feel safe. 24/7 equipment will transmit information to the monitoring station. In case of an alarm, the operator will immediately send a response team to your address. It will arrive in 5-7 minutes before you start to worry.*
*Arrival time is indicated for Kyiv and the region.

You can also add smoke, gas, and water leak sensors to the kit. They help you always find out about problems at the first stage. This will help save energy, nerves, and the family budget.

Another important service for the protection of apartment buildings is the SOS function. If you are suddenly attacked, you can call for help on your keyboard, portable remote control, or in the free Ajax mobile app. It also allows you to control apartment security remotely from anywhere in the world. You can arm and disarm them at any time, as well as set up notifications that you need.

To order a set of equipment for the protection of residential buildings and apartments in Kyiv, please contact us by phone, or you can leave a request on the website.