Fire safety measures should begin at the stage of construction of a country house.  That is, building materials must be resistant to fire or treated with a fire retardant if it is a tree. Insulation and finishing materials are more dangerous from the point of view of fire occurrence. Ideally, they should be moderately flammable or slightly flammable.

One of the most common causes of fire is a short circuit. Therefore, you should carefully consider the location of wiring and electrical communications.

You can also protect your home from fire by using electronic means, such as fire alarms, various sensors, and detectors that will notify the owners of the situation and help prevent a fire in time.

To extinguish a fire, you must have a pair of fire extinguishers. In addition to fire extinguishers, it will be useful to have old time-tested tools on the site – a box with sand and a shovel. Better yet, add a crowbar, bucket, and hook.