“Safety first” This statement is guided by any sane person if he cares about the comfort of themselves and their loved ones. Unfortunately, bars on Windows, armored doors, and other means of protection are no longer as effective against intruders as before. Many people use fake surveillance cameras — this is an effective tool, but not all of them can be discouraged. Therefore, sooner or later, there is a question of choosing a security system for an apartment or private house.

How was a person protected before the advent of security systems?

The need for security is one of the most ancient for any person. Therefore, there was always a question of protection. Of course, in the modern world, technology has moved far ahead, but this does not mean that our predecessors were not protected in any way. Even in the Stone Age, people were concerned about safety — and therefore used traps. The ancient Greeks used fire and mirrors — it was a well-thought-out and perfect system at that time. The Eastern kings used peacocks for protection — when a stranger came close, the birds began to scream.


The first serious-electric alarm system was invented in 1858. An Englishman by the name of Holmes, however, his name was Edwin, he patented his invention. Then it consisted almost entirely of an ordinary spring. It is also interesting that the Soviet Union also had alarm systems. However, for obvious reasons, they were not available to the common man.

Types of alarms: how not to get lost when choosing?

There are only three types of security systems: wired, wireless, and hybrid. They differ in how signals are received from the sensors to the Central.

Each type of security system has special sensors and a Central system. The Central collects information, processes it, and transmits it to the security company, and sensors allow you to receive this information. As the name implies, the wire is used for transmitting information in wired networks, and radio channels, GSM or Wi-Fi are used in wireless networks. Hybrid systems combine both methods of signal transmission.


For a long time, only wired systems were available on the market. This was due to the fact that the wireless systems were not perfect: the signal was lost, false positives occurred. Chinese security systems still suffer from such failures. But if you choose a good quality wireless system, you can be sure that such problems can be avoided. There is a slight price difference between wireless and wired systems.

Are there any differences in the choice of security systems for homes and apartments?

There are almost no differences. The main difficulty in protecting the house is that the houses remain without owners for a long time. Therefore, the alarm system must be well-thought-out and protect against the main problems: intruders, gas leaks, and other troubles. In this regard, video surveillance systems are much more imperfect. Only a security alarm, if triggered, will allow you to quickly respond to a call. Security systems for urban apartments can be selected taking into account the characteristics of housing-number of floors and number of rooms. This personalization will allow you to protect yourself as much as possible.

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How do I choose a security alarm system?

There are several factors to consider:

    • What are your goals when installing an alarm system?

Depending on them, you can divide security systems into remote and Autonomous. What is the difference? When the system is offline, you get an alert when it is triggered. In other words, housing control is on your shoulders. When the remote-a call from the «remote» – that is, the company that is assigned to your system. Employees of the company immediately go to the place. This is not necessarily about hacking. Additional sensors can be installed in such an alarm system. They will notify you in the event of a fire, gas leak, or other unpleasant events.

    • How important it is for you to preserve the original appearance of housing.
      If you have an expensive repair — it is better to choose a wireless alarm system. Such equipment can be configured to not react, for example, to pets. If the repair is not so important, a wired security alarm system will be perfect for you.
    • How the room will be secured and removed from it.

There are several options. This can be a set of numbers — a special pin code, keychain, or key. Some manufacturers offer special smartphone apps that can be used to control the security system.

Each of these options has its own characteristics. The key needs a special device-a reader, and if you lose it, it will not be easy to restore. The radio keychain may also get lost. The most reliable option is a digital pin code. You keep it in your head.


In addition, we have prepared a special checklist for you that will help you choose a security system. When choosing a security system, it is important to consider these factors

  • The number of communication channels. The more of them — the more guarantees that you will know what is happening at the right moment. Today, popular modules are Wi-Fi and GSM. It is better to choose a system that has multiple channels from each type.
  • Range of operation. This is an important parameter because, in a closed room, you should take into account the material from which the walls and ceilings are made. After all, this will affect the signal. The longer the range, the better.
  • False-positive. If you have a pet — this is a relevant topic. A low-quality security system can be triggered due to their movement in the housing. Therefore, you should choose an alarm system that has a special sensor that detects the movements of this kind.
  • Additional functionality. If it is possible to put additional sensors — this is great. These can often be smoke detectors, flood detectors, fire detectors, etc. This will help you protect yourself as much as possible.
  • Ways that the alarm system notifies. This is the same story as with communication channels — the more ways available, the more it plays into your hands. After all, this way you will be fully confident that if something happens — you will definitely find out about it.

Finally, let’s say — when choosing a security alarm system and its selection, study the information about the manufacturer. You can see how often updates are released, and whether new devices are coming to the market. All this is a guarantee that the manufacturer is still interested in their product and has not abandoned it.

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