Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to security. Bars on the Windows, clever video surveillance systems, and finally — a security alarm system. All these methods have been known for a long time. And all of them, to some extent, are workers. But, unfortunately, none of us is immune from unpleasant events. What happens when a security alarm goes off at a property you own? When a dispatcher from the company receives a signal, it passes the information on. After that, a rapid response team should go to the apartment, office or other premises. This is a team that is mobile and must respond to a call received from the object using an alarm system in a very short time. A quick response is the key to the success of the fact that everything will be preserved in its original form in the territory entrusted to the security company. This can be property, real estate, or even people — any of these options matters.

Mode of operation of the GBR

Such groups should work in any, even if limited, conditions. Often, they are on duty around the clock and waiting for calls. Therefore, the participants of such a group must be highly qualified people with excellent physical fitness and a license that allows them to work at a security company. The number of people in a group depends directly on the situation and the object — as a rule, it is calculated individually. Usually, GPR are equipped with service weapons, they have a service car, other means of protection and the ability to contact the dispatcher directly in case of an emergency.

Functions of rapid response teams:

  • finding out the current situation at the site;
  • inspection of the place, in case something happened;
  • protecting an object until the person responsible for it arrives — for example, the owner of the apartment;
  • protecting the client from armed attacks;
  • ensuring the value of property;
  • the provision of emergency medical care;
  • call law enforcement representatives, if required.

What skills should a GBR representative have?

  • Physical and combat training;
  • knowledge of laws and regulations — legal training and law;
  • technical tools for work and their specifics;
  • professional psychological training to provide this kind of assistance in difficult situations;
  • disaster medicine and so on.

All these skills give you a guarantee that the group will work quickly and smoothly in the territory from which the call was received. Therefore, security companies often look for ways to improve their employees — for example, to hold special competitions, during which you can point out mistakes and improve the level of professional development.

What tools are equipped with representatives of the GBR?

  1. A car that has built-in satellite navigation and a vehicle monitoring system that is secured.
  2. Medical and technical means to provide first aid in extreme accidents and emergencies.
  3. Specialized suits or uniforms and tools that are required for work.
  4. Pneumatic weapons and other means of defense that are permitted by the rules and law.
  5. Means of communication: telephones and walkie-talkies.

What do rapid response team members have the right to do?

  • Detention of persons who have committed an attack on an object entrusted to a security company;
  • use of firearms or other types of weapons in the event of a real threat to the life or health of the client;
  • the use of funds that are necessary for the operation of the GBR and at the same time-do not harm people and the environment.

All these rules and regulations are very important regulations governing the work of rapid response teams. A well-organized work of such a group is a guarantee of the safety of you and your loved ones, as well as the safety of property and valuables.

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