After signing a contract with a security company, a specialist should visit the protected object. His task is to assess all potential risks. Then the equipment is installed, checked, and connected to the centralized monitoring console. Installation of the equipment takes a minimum amount of time as all sensors are wireless and will not disturb your interior.

A security system for a house, apartment, office, or cottage is a set of wireless equipment that can be changed or supplemented overtime at the request of the customer. Private security has a number of advantages, as our company cares not only about your safety but also about its own image. High-quality equipment and the use of innovative technologies allow you to bring security to a qualitatively new level of development. And the physical protection and departure of the rapid response team to the site is carried out by well-trained and verified employees.

Our company provides the security of office premises, factories, apartments, private houses, cottages, and other objects.