First, look around your apartment:

  • Does your door stand out as a luxury among its neighbors;
  • is it too easy to open it (standard locks, standard door);
  • do you leave the key in a «safe place» (under the Mat, in the mailbox, in the electric box, etc.);
  • whether there are bars on the Windows — if you live on the first or last floor, as well as if a fire escape runs next to the window or a convenient tree grows.
  • Are there any tags with your name and phone number on your keys;
  • do not hang on a visible place for a random guest spare keys to your apartment.

Since 90% of apartment thieves enter through the door, we protect it first, preferably with the help of specialists. Even more reliable — two doors, one opens out, the other-in. The door frame must be thoroughly reinforced with metal pins concreted in the walls, ceiling, and floor. Locks should be not only good but also different. There should be a latch or bolt on the inside of the door, as well as a chain. We also do not ignore Windows and balconies (reliable double-glazed Windows, grilles, shutters, shutters).

Autonomous alarms such as «Howler» or «message to neighbors» also reduce the risk of robbery. In some cases, even fake alarms can help.

You should never skimp on the security of your property. If you decide to use the apartment alarm system, the best solution is to connect to remote security.