Calm, only calm! 7 real ways to stop worrying.

It is almost as natural for a resident of a modern metropolis to be nervous as to breathe. Traffic jams, deadlines, rush hour, social media, and many other things and events distract us, make us helpless and irritable. You can get rid of this by knowing some techniques and putting a little effort. So the next time you feel anxious, try it:

How to stop worrying

  • Ask yourself «Why?». . This state is familiar to everyone — that’s like everything was good, and suddenly the mood turned sour. Try to remember what thought or event changed everything — a simple answer may be enough. And often the cause of our anxiety is so insignificant that we do not realize it, but we continue to be nervous “out of inertia”.
  • Write down.  This technique is popular in many areas of psychotherapy due to its effectiveness. It is considered that it is more correct to write by hand, but a laptop or smartphone will also work, especially if you are more comfortable typing. Focus on the problem and write down everything that comes to mind without thinking, do not erase or edit it. Such therapy takes time, but the result is worth it — you see the situation from the outside.
  • To look at the facts.  Anxiety is an irrational state caused mostly by emotions. But the human brain is very fond of finding answers, so logic can help overcome anxiety — the main thing is to be convincing. Try to put aside any emotions and look at the exciting situation with a cold eye — there is a chance that you will not see any real reasons for panic.
  • Find a like-minded person.  . If the cause of concern is a new, incomprehensible, and unfamiliar situation, try to find a person who has already experienced such an experience and ask them to share their story. This conversation removes several problems at once-the the fear of the unknown (you will be told how everything happens) and the feeling of loneliness (it turns out that you are not the only one who faced this).
  • Make a list.. . We worry when we try to solve several tasks at once, and the more of them, the more difficult it is to cope with at least one. A great way to calm down is to write everything you need to do on a piece of paper. Write down personal and work matters, and don’t divide them into important and unimportant ones. When the list is ready, prioritize the tasks and complete them one at a time.
  • Pause If you feel that worry is bothering you, focus on your business, put it aside for a while, even if it seems that there is no time at all. Remember, sometimes a two-minute break can do better than a few hours of “wear and tear” work. It is important at this time to completely disconnect from business and honestly relax — listen to music, drink tea, and even better to do a light exercise.
  • Talk to someone close to them.  Yes, it’s that simple. Anxiety is a frequent companion of emotional fatigue, and genuine support from another person can help a lot. It is best to honestly warn the interlocutor that you just need a little pity and praise, and not to look for solutions to the problem (although you can do so). But it is often enough just to hear from someone that everything will be fine.