A1 Security Group is well aware that today’s time is not easy. Many city residents would like to use the services of security agencies. However, the cost of equipment is often frightening. In order to make security available to everyone without exception, we suggest that you give Ajax Starter Kit, which is enough to fully protect your apartment or office.

In a free set of security system includes:

  • Security Central Hub Ajax
  • Ajax DoorProtect opening sensor
  • Ajax MotionProtect motion sensor
  • Ajax Space control Keychain

The condition for participation in the promotion is the installation of equipment by our specialists for 1499 UAH and the conclusion of a contract by the owner of the property for 5 years. At the same time, the standard subscription fee is saved, and at the expiration of the contract, the equipment is completely transferred to Your property!

The promotion is valid until 31.09.2020, take advantage of the unique offer!