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About company A1 Security Group

Security company A1 Security Group has long established itself in the market of security services in Ukraine, in particular in Kiev and the Kiev region. The range of services provided by the company is quite wide. And the work uses the latest equipment for the protection of imported and domestic manufacturers.

A1 Security Group employs specialists who will install the full range of necessary equipment within a minimum amount of time without disturbing the interior of your premises. Employees who install security systems will answer all your questions about the conditions of operation and maintenance of the alarm system installed in your home, apartment or office. Affordable prices and a flexible system of discounts for the installation of security alarms and services for round-the-clock monitoring and protection of the object will pleasantly surprise you.

A1 Security Group carries out the following activities:

  • Design and installation of video surveillance systems, security and fire alarm systems, taking into account all the security requirements and wishes of the client. Optimization of equipment due to innovative technologies, which significantly reduces the price of the entire complex of security services for the customer;
  • Connecting to the Central Monitoring Console of the security company A1 Security Group and monitoring the object’s security around the clock;
  • Departure of the rapid response Team to the object in the event of an alarm and illegal entry. Notifying the client of an incident.
  • Physical protection of any objects with an optimal number of well-trained and proven freelance security personnel.
  • Connection of protected objects to three reliable, independent wireless communication channels, such as mobile communications, radio channels, and the Internet, providing instant alarm signal delivery to the PCN of the security company A1 Security Group.

Today we can offer a full range of security services, which includes the ability to connect to the “smart home” system. Provide reliable protection in case of water and gas leaks, prevent fire at the smoke stage. Install an alarm button, video surveillance cameras, and motion sensors on the object. Ensure round-the-clock monitoring of all the above items and prevent the consequences of any emergency situation.


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