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Security company A1 Security Group always cares about the high quality of service to its customers. The security equipment installed by our company is highly reliable. We are grateful to our clients for their trust and strive for long-term and reliable cooperation. This section contains the most complete information that will help you understand how the organization of object protection works.



Payment method


Dear customers!


You can pay for our security services either through a Bank account, or using Privat24 or Privat Bank self-service terminals without Commission.


You can also pay for services using any Bank card. To do this, just follow the link: Online payment. On the site, in the search field, start entering the name of the company with which You have concluded the contract (note: “A1 C”), from the suggested list, select the company that is registered in the contract. Then you just need to fill in Your full name, contract number, amount and pay for services.
You can either pay via the website or via City24 terminals, just follow the link.



Payment for PRIVAT24 services




  • In the all SERVICES tab, select the UTILITIES section and click KIEV.
  • In the window that opens, enter the name of the company that you have signed a security Agreement with.
  • Fill in the required fields CONTRACT NUMBER, DATE and AMOUNT, click SEND to CART, and then follow the instructions of PRIVAT24. 
  • The bill is paid!


To pay for security services, you can use the company details provided below.


To get a sample payment order, you need to select the appropriate company in the list of organizations with which the security Agreement was concluded and open the document.


Please note!


The payment must specify the number of the security Agreement and the payer’s full name.


Details of the companies


You can download a document with the current details of our companies using the link below



Sample documents


Dear subscribers!


In this section you will find all the necessary templates of letters and statements used when working with our company.


Completed and signed forms Can be sent to us via the following channels:


  • Fax: (044) 481-00-24 (a scanned copy with the Customer’s signature is required);
  • e-mail:office@a1-security.com.ua (a scanned copy with the Customer’s signature is required);
  • deliver in person to the company’s office or send by mail: 08160, Kiev-Svyatoshinsky district, Gatnoye village, Institutskaya str., 73


A1 Security group information service: (044) 27-000-27


Guarantee letter of payment
Если Вам надо срочно поставить офис под сигнализацию, но нет возможности быстро оплатить, то вышлите нам гарантийное письмо об оплате


Guarantee letter of payment

Application for renewal of the agreement
If you have previously suspended or terminated the agreement



Application for additional equipment
If You need to expand your security system.



Application to change the composition of authorized persons
If You need to add one or more trusted persons to the notification list



Statement on transfer of equipment
If You are moving to a new location and want to install the same alarm system



Application for placing the object under protection
If you have already installed security equipment, but you have postponed connecting the object to the security panel.


Application for placing the object under protection


Application for termination of the agreement
If You have a need to terminate the security agreement (sale of premises, change of ownership, relocation, etc.), under the terms of the security agreement, You must notify us of this event at least 10 days in advance.



Application for temporary suspension of the agreement

If you need to temporarily suspend the contract for security (repair work, holiday season, people are constantly at home, etc.), then write a statement.



What service are you interesting in?

Security of premises

(apartment/house/office, etc.)

Physical security

Security of premises

Room type selection:


Private house



Commercial premises


Total area sqm
Total area sqm
Room count
Total number of rooms
Total area sqm
Total area sqm
Safety system:

Already have equipment

Equipment purchase

Equipment rent

Guard method

24-hour posts

Shift method

12 hour posts

Security for events



Number of posts
Type of protected object:

Private house

Shopping center

State an object


Business center


Safety system:
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