ATTENTION!!! This has never happened before.
This is a unique promotional offer in the security market. A1 Security Group offers the most favorable conditions for corporate clients!

Large networks with at least 15 locations receive:


  • 1 year of free protection of objects in 24/7/365 mode without holidays, weekends, and even quarantine!
  • High-quality equipment, its installation, and maintenance
  • If you already have the equipment and it meets the quality standards of A1 company: correctly transmits alarms, in working condition, uses at least 2 communication channels, we guarantee free switching and high-quality service without changing equipment!


To get a promotional package of services, you must sign a cooperation agreement for a period of 5 years or more.


This is not a practical joke or a marketing ploy, this is a real connection condition. Have time to put your network under protection at the most favorable conditions on the market!


The offer is valid until 30.11.2020, just connect your objects and get the most favorable conditions.